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What We Do ... and what we do differently.

We're a small but flexible team that can be deployed at short notice anywhere in the Benelux, France and Spain. Our consultants express themselves fluently in English, French and Dutch.


Typically we're sought after when new projects or obstacles arise for which companies haven't either the resources or the knowledge. Our goal is not only to advise you, but also to accompany you and your staff allowing them to succeed by themselves a next time. Examples are:















1) Cost cutting - Productivity projects - Revenue optimization.


Cutting costs is easy, cutting growth altogether is even easier.

We help you avoiding the classic scheme where such projects end up in tensions with the Unions, demotivated staff, efflux, productivity losses and finally not reaching initial targets at all.

Our approach is based on a hands-on financial revenue optimization analysis where every cost & profit element, in all departments, is optimized before even thinking about tangibly scaling back staff welfare.
Often the opposite can be achieved: more sales, better financials, lower Operational Expenses and better staff happiness without concessions.


This is the domain in which we excel, going far beyond the (currently trendy) Sales Excellence approach.


2) Entering new markets - Road to market.


"We must enter new markets and distribution channels!"

That's a powerful statement. And now, shall we forget about it for another year or build the business?


People are not lazy, they just don't know how to start. For this purpose we use a specific activation system. This step by step road-to-market method expands your chances of success dramatically.
But yes, work & training has to be done before reaping the benefits: EU/country compliance, target mapping, prioritization, cultural negotiation training, preparation, turn sometimes minor points-of-difference into actionable strategies, getting appointments, follow-up and adjust.


3) Reaching budgets and targets.


Exceptionally missing a target/budget may happen, systematically missing them should be addressed before their legitimacy becomes questioned by the teams and/or their failure becomes an inexhaustible source of frustration for both staff as management.

A common cause is that the targets set, are perceived as unrealistic. Especially when they are imposed from above. A self-fulfilling prophecy comes true.

Together with your staff we build a strategic and operational plan that allows to exceed average growth rates from past years with full knowledge of - and control on needed investments and allowances.
The method allows to track potential deviances rapidly, be fully aware of the impacts and restore immediately.


4) Internal communication.


Why do we have complaints about internal communication since we talk to each other openly and we have formal processes in place?


Because the underlying reasons were not addressed. That is exactly what we do.
Some sacred cows may spend a few bad nights, but you'll have a clear view on what's going on and what has to be done. We will not overwhelm you with tons of new processes but optimize those that you have (or should have) and most of all focus on removing underlying obstacles.


5) Attracting high-profiles.


"Only multi-nationals can afford to attract the best qualified?"

Sure they can and often they do. But small and midsized companies can do too, without coughing up.


Attracting talent is one thing, keeping those you already have is another one.
For both challenges we offer easy to implement solutions, even for small companies with limited career planning options. Small changes in your HR policy and efficient interview techniques can do miracles.


6) Crisis management.


Hard times? Be it a leadership gap or the moment of truth, we can help you to seize the last chance.


7) Other projects

such as, without being limited to:

- Interim Management
- Customer account profitability
- Sales Policy / Trade terms
- Avoiding information leaks
- Improving negotiation skills
- Settlement accompaniment (currently only in Belgium)
- Procurement
- Commercial IT advice  


Straightforward and fair communication is written in our DNA.


We practice a transparent pricing policy. Please head to the "Terms and Conditions" tab.


We'll also advise you when you have better options than to work with us. Below you'll find a common example:


- Fiscal Optimization.

The unharmonized EU fiscal regulations allow for fiscal optimization in many domains between countries. There are companies and individuals who are specialized in this one aspect. We are not.




Financials, Revenue Optimization
Recruit top talent, hiring.
Targets & goals.
Crisis management.
Road to market.
Interim management.


New Markets




Hard Times



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